Domo-Alley Gato

1600 E 6th St

This Japanese-inspired, ultra-modern, cat-themed cocktail bar adjoins the downtown Ramen Tatsu-ya. Half-indoors and half-outside patio, this spot’s most Insta-friendly draw is beer topped with frozen flavored foam caps (vanilla cream, root beer, or ginger).

Hotel Vegas

1502 E 6th St

Hands down, Hotel Vegas is one of East Austin’s best venues. With live music offered seven days a week, Hotel Vegas is arguably the best spot to see up-and-coming bands. Focusing primarily on good ‘ol rock ‘n’ roll, the bar is always—and we mean ALWAYS—poppin’. Also, the bar is connected to The Volstead Lounge, one of Austin’s most danceable clubs, making Hotel Vegas one of the most versatile and eclectic spots in town.

Lazarus Brewing Co.

1902 E 6th St

This spot has something for everyone. Between delicious house-brewed beer, a coffee bar, wine, cider, and root beer, there’s a libation at Lazarus Brewing to suit every palate. The spacious bar also boasts a relaxed, dog-and-family-friendly patio perfect for afternoon hangs. Tacos, queso, and more will sate your munchies amply here. Lazarus is an all-around excellent spot that truly embodies East Austin’s laid-back vibe.

East Austin's, East 6th Street bars boast a bustling party scene all their own - Stock Image
East Austin's, East 6th Street bars boast a bustling party scene all their own with low key, relaxed scene and bustling live music culture.

Violet Crown Social Club

1111 E 6th St

Not to be confused with Violet Crown Cinema, this laid-back watering hole is something of a local sanctuary. Dimly-lit and equipped with a spacious patio, Violet Crown Social Club is a perfect spot to escape the hustle-bustle of the city, kick back, and enjoy some ice cold brews. Violet Crown’s biggest attraction, however, is undoubtedly their Orange Whip, a delicious cocktail that will have you smiling right through your brain freeze.


1816 E 6th St

This place has perfected the rustic-chic vibe – think dive bar, but with chandeliers and candles. They’re known for their artisanal cocktails but there’s also a lesser-known mezcal bar upstairs. Whisler’s occasionally hosts live music, too.

The Brixton

1412 E 6th St

The Brixton is one of the best places on East 6th to drink draft beer on a covered patio, no matter the season – with heaters in the winter and fans in the summer, the bar’s outdoor seating always manages to be hospitable. Seasonal cocktails and well-known events like themed Monday Night Bingo and a monthly comedy hour make this hang a dependable winner.

Young couple walks around the East Sixth Street bar scene in East Austin - Stock Image
East 6th Street is home to Austin's hippest bars and live music venues, you will never find a more vibrant part of Austin, Texas.

Eastside Tavern

1510 E. Cesar Chavez

Specializing in mouth-watering BBQ, this place has got it all: good food, good drinks, and a rooftop deck. Brunch with bottomless mimosas makes Eastside Tavern an ideal day-drinking destination.

Stay Gold

1910 E Cesar Chavez St

Taking its name from the one middle school novel that everyone reads, Stay Gold is a chic bar focused on specialty cocktails and craft beer. Equipped with a stage that hosts live music and located alongside Toaster food truck, Stay Gold has got all angles covered: live music, drinks, and eats. Glancing at the bar’s expansive cocktail list can prove daunting as each beverage is absolutely delicious. But if you’re really stuck, we recommend El Diablo, a mouthwatering (and eye-watering) blend of Habanero-infused tequila, lemon, simple syrup, and blackberry.

Blue Owl Brewing

2400 E Cesar Chavez St 

Like many breweries, Blue Owl is a home away from home. But what makes Blue Owl so special is their complete and total understanding of how to create the perfect sour-mashed beer. While the brewery’s specialty is without a doubt sour-mash, Blue Owl also offers wheat beers, pale ales, stouts, and more. Take a load off and head to Blue Owl for some of the most delicious beer in Austin.

Oddwood Ales

3108 Manor Rd.

Oozing rustic cabin vibes, this brewery specializes in “experimental small batch craft beer”, but also caters to wine-lovers with an impressive wine list. With pizza and old arcade games to top it off, it’s easy to get cozy at Oddwood Ales.


2310 Manor Rd

Self-described as “regionally-inspired comfort,” local favorite Haymaker serves craft beer, delicious cocktails, and mouthwatering food. While Haymaker’s drinks menu is, of course, off the chain, featuring some of the best beers in town and some of the strongest cocktails, the bar’s food menu is really what drives this place home. Stacked with meat-inspired eats like the Wisconsin Wurst and the Cuban Pressed Burger, Haymaker will get buzzes going and fill empty stomachs.

Butterfly Bar

2307 Manor Rd

Connected to Austin’s cherished Vortex Theater, this cozy bar offers a spacious patio, delicious eats, and live music. Butterfly Bar’s drink menu is one of the most exciting drink menus in town, offering top-notch cocktails like the Handcrafted Margarita, the Tennessee Ginger, and the Butterfly Nectar, a refreshing infusion of Tito’s Vodka, fruit, and ginger. Butterfly Bar is a posh, intimate setting to get your drink on.

Techo Mezcaleria & Agave Bar

2201 Manor Rd

Located on East Manor, Tech Mezcaleria & Agave Bar is the neighborhood’s premiere south-of-the-border-themed bar and also its only lounge featuring a rooftop speakeasy. The bar, of course, focuses mostly on Agave-inspired spirits and Mezcal-themed cocktails like the Curo Cabeza, an intoxicating blend of Orange Curracao, Mexcal Maguey sap, chocolate bitters, and orange peel. With latin aesthetic and its amazing cocktails, Techo Mexcaleria & Agave Bar is sure to quickly become a neighborhood favorite.

Austinites can escape the usual crowds at east side lounges on East 6th street in East Austin - Stock Image
Austinites can escape the usual crowds of 6th Street by going east of I-35 to east side lounges on East 6th street in East Austin.


1905 Aldrich St, #110

Looking to get a pop of energy and a buzz at the same time? This is the place for you! Halcyon is both café and bar and features caffeinated cocktails. Halcyon’s downtown location is better known, but for those unwilling to make the trek or deal with parking, this is an easier option up north. Try the “Breakfast Can Wait” (Jameson, Bailey’s, and cold-brew coffee with a frozen coffee-cube.) For dessert? S’mores roasted table side.


B.D. Riley’s

1905 Aldrich St, #130

After 16 years of faithfully serving East 6th St, Irish Pub B.D. Riley’s has opened a second location on Aldrich Street. Owner John Erwin always desired to export his delicious Irish cocktails and beers to another part of town but could never manage to find the perfect feel. Lucky for us, he found a spot in the up and coming Mueller neighborhood that preserves the small town, where-everybody-knows-your-name vibe of B.D. Riley’s previous location. So Mueller residents prepare your livers for frosty pints of Guinness and Irish Car Bombs, B.D. Riley’s has arrived.

The Skylark Lounge

2039 Airport Blvd

Ahhh Skylark, one of Austin’s most beloved bars. Skylark Lounge is a cool spot that specializes in blues, brews, and as you might have guessed, beer. But really, Skylark constantly keeps good times rolling whether it’s showcasing some of the best blues musicians in town or just keeping the ice cold beer flowing. Dark, a little seedy, and always a good time, Skylark Lounge is everything a blues bar should be.

Barfly’s Bar

5420-B Airport Blvd


Described as an “epic neighborhood dive bar that’s never missed a day,” Barfly’s is indeed your go-to watering hole. Located in the upstairs of an older building, the bar is dark, dingy, and unabashedly seedy. There’s no beer on tap, no table service, no cocktail menu, and certainly no live music or entertainment. The only things inside Barfly’s are friendly bartenders, cold cheap beer, a TV, a pool table, and a jukebox filled with an eclectic assortment ranging from Built to Spill to Willie Nelson. Barfly’s is truly a perfect dive bar.

The Grand

4631 Airport Blvd.

This social club and billiards room has a full bar with 20 rotating beers on top, daily beer specials, and decently-priced drinks. On Mondays, all service industry employees play pool for free.

Couple Drinking a beer at outdoor patio bar on East 6th Street in East Austin - Stock Image
Happy smiling couple drinking a beer at outdoor patio bar during a date on East 6th Street in East Austin.

Cenote (Windsor Park)

6214 Cameron Rd.

The East Cesar Chavez location was so popular, Cenote opened up a location for the rest of us up north. This place is a coffee shop, wine bar, and taproom all in one, offering many options that are locally sourced and organic.


Nomad Bar

1213 Corona Dr 

We dig Nomad Bar for a variety of reasons: the affordable drinks, the spacious outdoor patio, the trivia nights. What’s not to love about this cozy little nook? With an excellent draft beer selection and seasonal cocktail menus, Nomad Bar keeps the alcohol flowin’. Right now, the bar’s Spring and Summer drink menus have taken over, offering savory cocktails like specialty Arnold Palmers, mojitos, and the Summer Gin Cooler, a delicious blend of Don Julio Silver Tequila, fresh lime juice, and a splash of orange juice. Beat the heat over at Nomad.

Full Circle Bar

1810 E 12th St

Full Circle is a low-key, laid-back place to drink a few beers and play some skeeball. Influenced by a Brooklyn bar of the same name, Full Circle contains some interesting features unlike other bars in the area. We already mentioned skeeball, but they also offer Prosecco on tap and even boast a knish counter in the back. Cozy and friendly, Full Circle is an enjoyable place to kill stress and drink some good beer.

King Bee

1906 E 12th St

With a name like King Bee, this bar has got to hold the throne in some department, right? And this Eastside favorite is without a doubt king of serving up iced cold brews, creative cocktails, and housemade pizza. The bar is stacked with local drafts and spirits, and also, a rotating series of seasonal jams. A little divey but also a little swanky, King Bee offers a one-of-a-kind drinking experience that feels both vintage and contemporary.

13th Floor

1812 E. 12th

A neighborhood rock n’ roll bar that hosts some good DJs and boasts a consistently chill, happy atmosphere. Check out their Instagram @bar13thflooraustin for events.

Rio Rita

1203 Chicon St 

Recently relocated from East Sixth, Rio Rita maintained its charm and successfully found a new comfortable home six blocks north. Pegged as a “mild-mannered coffee shop by day, swanky lounge by night,” and filled with comfy couch seating, east-side favorite Rio Rita is a perfect spot to relax and kill your morning hangover in some sunshine on the patio or lounge inside under dim lights. You can also bring your dog!

Kinda Tropical

3501 E 7th St

A slight hop away from the hectic center of East 7th street, Kinda Tropical is a retro cafe that offers everything from a specialty Michelada to a CBD waffle. Chow down and then bask on the patio for a while – it’s easy to spend a few hours hanging at Kinda Tropical, especially if you’re in the right mood. This dog-friendly cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and hosts a variety of events like weekly comedy on Tuesdays, vintage car hangs, and vendor marketplaces.

Frazier’s Long & Low

2538 Elmont Dr

Sitting comfortable off Riverside Dr. on the southeast side of Austin lives an assuming, neighborhood dive bar with a retro theme and a surprisingly killer food menu. For a night away from your usual haunts, trek down there and pro tip: order the Patty Melt, Chicken Fangers, and a signature Long & Low (Pearl Beer and well whiskey shot).


The Wheel

1902 E MLK Blvd

Sahara Lounge

1413 Webberville Rd

Lustre Pearl East

114 Linden St

The Grackle

1700 E 6th St

APT 115

2025 E 7th St


Young couple enjoys a cold beer at an Eastside restaurant on East 6th Street in East Austin
Young couple enjoys a cold beer at an Eastside restaurant on East 6th Street in East Austin.